Performance validation

Learn about performance validation in test cases for scriptless automation.

Before you start

You’ll need to enable network payload capture.

Performance Validation

During Scriptless rerun executions, IQS captures the network payload for each test step. The transition time between consecutive test steps is compared to a set baseline of 2000ms. If the transition response time exceeds the baseline, IQS identifies and notifies you with a remediation.

Below is a graph from a Scriptless rerun session, showing the comparison of response times for each test step transition. It also presents the maximum and average response times recorded for the test case. Each data point represents the transition response time between two steps. In this validation, the response time significantly surpasses the 2000ms baseline.

Performance validation

You have the option to remediate the validation to avoid facing it again.

Remediate the validation

Action Description

Adjust Comparison

Choose from three comparison levels based on your preferences: * Strict: Response time should closely match the 2000ms baseline. * Relaxed: Allows the response time to exceed the baseline by up to 20%. * Ignored: Disregards the response time value, ensuring it isn’t raised again.