Manage devices

Learn how to manage devices so can enable network payload capture, create device tags, auto-generate capabilities, and more.

Open the device overview

In Kobiton, select Devices.

Select Devices tab on Kobiton Portal

After you search for a device, select the vertical ellipses to open the device overview.

Manage the device

Rename the device

To rename the device, enter a new name and select Save. Optionally, check the box to apply this name to all similar devices.

A closeup to rename the device

Favorite the device

To add the device to your list of favorites, select the star icon.

A closeup to favorite the device

To remove the device from your favorites, select the star icon again.

Add or remove tags

To add a device tag, create a new tag or choose an existing one.

A context of tag section- Manage Device modal

To remove a tag, select the x icon.

Enable network payload capture

Once network payload capture is configured, select Use Configuration and choose a configuration.

 A context of Use Configuration section - Managing Device modal

Retain the device

To prevent others from using the device in a test session, select Retain, then choose either 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours, or Unlimited.

A closeup to Retain status for device

Automation settings

To open the device’s automation settings, select Automation settings.

 A context of Automation Settings section - Managing Device modal

In the automation settings, you can auto-generate capabilities for your test suite.