Change the login message

Learn how to change the login message user’s see when they log in to Kobiton.

Only Admins or users with the org_setting.modify_security_banner permission can change the login message.

Change login message

In Kobiton, select your profile, then choose Settings.

Choose Settings in dropdown

Select Security Banner.

Security banner chosen in the top nav bar

Create a message with the following:

Only show on first login

Only display the login message the first time a user logs in.

Button text

The text for the button users will select to accept the message.

Banner text

The message can contain up to 4000 characters. By default, you can write in rich text using bold, italics, underlines, strikethrough, or links.

Alternatively, you can select HTML and use <a>, <p>, <em>, <s>, <strong>, <u>, or <br> tags instead.

When your finished, select Preview to review your message.

Preview login message

To publish your new login message, select Publish.

Click Publish to publish your login message