Restart deviceConnect services

Sometimes, Hybrid and On-prem customers hosting dedicated devices need to restart deviceConnect services on the Mac mini host to apply configuration changes or software updates. This action can be performed from the Kobiton Portal via the Device Management page.

When you restart deviceConnect services, all devices linked to the Mac mini will become inaccessible and any active test sessions will be terminated. Make sure to restart the correct Mac mini and inform all affected users beforehand.


  • Gather the internal IP address or hostname of the Mac mini host(s)

  • Kobiton administrator with the ADMIN predefined permission

Steps to restart deviceConnect services

Log in to the Kobiton Portal with an administrator account.

Select your profile name or picture, then choose Settings.

Select your profile name and select Settings

Select the Device Management tab.

The Device Management page lists all dedicated mobile devices for the org grouped by Mac mini host. Locate the Mac mini host you want to restart and click the corresponding Restart services button.

restart dc restart services button

In the confirmation modal, choose Restart Services again to proceed.

Any active sessions on devices hosted by that Mac mini will be terminated. During the service restart, no actions can be performed on the Mac mini or the connected devices (all the buttons are grayed out). A notification is displayed when the restart completes successfully.

restart dc services restart successful popup

After the service restart completes, the devices should automatically come back online.

Impacts on active test sessions during a restart

When a Mac mini host’s services are restarted using the above method, active sessions on devices hosted by that Mac mini experience the following:

  • In the Manual or Mixed session, the user receives a Device disconnected error message and the session is terminated with a status of Terminated.

    restart dc devices disconnect popup

  • Automation and revisit sessions are also terminated with a status of Terminated.

Additional notes

  • For those with a GEM server, services on the GEM cannot be restarted via the Kobiton Portal. Contact Kobiton support for help to restart the GEM server.