Enable Jira Data Center integration

Learn how to integrate with Jira Data Center so your users can create Jira tickets right from the Session Explorer.

Before you start

  • For Cloud and Hybrid customers, ensure that the Jira Data Center can connect to the Kobiton Portal. The most straightforward way is to host Jira Data Center on a public server. If this is not an option, additional instructions will come soon.

  • For Standalone/On-prem customers, instructions to connect to Jira Data Center will come soon.

  • An admin account on Jira Data Center and an account with ADMIN predefined role in Kobiton are required.

  • Your Kobiton subscription must include Jira integration.

Log in to Jira Data Center as an admin.

Select the gear (Setting) icon, then Applications.

Opening the Settings menu and going to Applications

Enter your username and password again and choose Confirm.

Select Application links under Integrations, then Create link.

Selecting Applications links under Integrations option and clicking the Create Link button

Select External Application for Application type, then select Incoming for Direction.

In the Create link menu, selecting External application and incoming options, and then clicking continue

In the Configure an incoming link page, input all the required fields below:

Filling in the incoming link detials: name, redirect url, and permissoin

Select Save when done.

The Credentials page displays.

integration jira enable jira dc integration credentials

Copy Client ID and Client secret and note them down.

You can always revisit the Credentials page by selecting the more icon of the link in the Application links list and choose View credentials.

Choosing View credentials by clicking the more icon

Select the System tab.

Copy the value of Base URL and note it down.

Going to the systems tab and copying the Base URL to note it down or save it

Enable Jira Data Center integration

Log in to the Kobiton portal with an account with ADMIN predefined role.

Select the profile picture, then Settings.

Select Integration.

Under Jira Integration, select Connect account.

Selecting Connect accont under Jira Integration

Select the Jira Data Center tab. Input the Base URL, Client ID and Client secret to the corresponding fields.

Entering Base URL, Client ID, and Client secret in Jira Data Center tab

Select Connect.

If you see an error, revise the connection information, and double-check the network between the Kobiton portal and Jira Data Center.

A new browser tab opens. Allow Kobiton the permissions to access Jira Data Center.

Kobiton asking for permissoin to access your Jira account

If you see the success message, your organization is now integrated with Jira Data Center. Your Jira Data Center users can follow this guide to create Jira tickets.

See below for limitations and known issues.


An org can integrate with either Jira Cloud or Jira Data Center; an org cannot integrate with both at the same time.