Retrieve deviceConnect logs

Logs are a critical tool for troubleshooting and essential when submitting tickets to Kobiton Support.

This document outlines how Hybrid and On-prem customers who host dedicated devices can gather deviceConnect logs from the Mac mini host running Kobiton software.


  • Gather the internal IP address or hostname of the Mac mini host(s).

  • Kobiton administrator with the ADMIN predefined permission.

Two ways to gather deviceConnect logs

There are currently two methods to gather deviceConnect logs.

From Kobiton Portal

Log in to the Kobiton Portal with an administrator account.

Select your profile name or picture, then choose Settings.

Select your profile name and select Settings

Look for the host using its internal IP address or hostname.

Click Save Logs (3 days), or click the dropdown icon and select Save Logs (7 days).

dc logs save logs dropdown portal

Wait for the system to gather the logs. When the logs are ready, click the Download icon. The logs are downloaded as a .zip archive.

dc logs save logs button portal

If the host does not appear on the Device Management page or the Save Logs button for that host is grayed out, see the next section to gather logs using deviceConnect application directly on the Mac mini host.

From deviceConnect on the Mac mini host

If deviceConnect logs are not available from the Kobiton Portal, they can typically be retrieved from the deviceConnect application. Access the Mac mini host using the IP address or hostname, or use any machine that is inside the same network as the Mac mini.

Open Chrome browser. Enter localhost (using the Mac mini itself) or the local IP address of the Mac mini (using other computers) in the address bar.

Log into the deviceConnect portal, then click the Systems tab.

Under System logs, choose the duration to gather the logs (the default is 2 days), then click Save logs.

dc logs save logs button gigafox

The logs are downloaded as a .zip archive.