Change manual session settings

Learn how to change the settings during a manual test session so you can change the session name, description, default idle time, and cleanup policy.

Open the settings

During your manual test session, select the settings icon.

Settings in Manual session

Rename the session

To rename the session, enter a new one in the name field. This name will appear in search results.

A close-up of the name field.

Change the description

To change the description, enter a new one in the description field.

A close-up of the description field.

Disable the session timeout

By default, manual sessions will automatically time out after 10 minutes of inactivity. To disable session timeouts for the current session, uncheck the box.

A close-up of the idle settings.

We recommend keeping session timeouts enabled when you’re using a public device so you can avoid using testing minutes if you forget to end the session.

Disable the cleanup policy

To disable the device’s cleanup policy for the current session, uncheck the box. For more information, see Device cleanup policies.

A close-up of the clean-up settings.