Use the device summary report

Learn how to use the device summary report so you can view a general summary for all your devices. For more information, see Metadata for the device summary report.

Open the report

In Kobiton, select Reports.

A context to select the Report tab

Select Device Summary Report to open the report.

A context to Device Summary Report

Use the report

Get the latest data

To the latest data for your report, select the refresh icon.

A closeup to time of the report

Filter the report

By operating system (OS)

To filter the report by a device operating system (OS), choose Android or iOS.

A closeup to OS of the report

By team

To filter the report by a team, select the Team dropdown and choose a team.

A context to team tab in Device Summary report

By device tag

To filter the report by a device tag, enter a tag into the search bar.

A closeup to search function in Device Summary Report

Change the service level ability (SLA)

The service level ability (SLA) refers to the minimum number of available devices and the maximum number of offline devices at any given time.

To change the SLA for a specific OS version, select the pencil icon.

Select the pencil icon to change the SLA

Enter an SLA value for the minimum available devices and the maximum offline devices.When you’re finished, select Save.

the window of Service Level ability

If the SLA is breached, the corresponding column will be highlighted in red.

The case of SLA breached