Create a team

Learn how to create a team in your organization so you can set user roles, assign devices, and more. For more information, see Manage teams.

Create a team

In Org Management, select Teams, then Create.

A context to Teams tab and Create a team function

In Details, enter a team name and description, then select Settings.

You can select Mark as Default to make this your default team.

Select Mark as Default to mark the team as the default team

In Settings, choose to enable Private Test Mode and a Cleanup Policy, then select Users.

Select Users tab in Teams tab

In Users, use the search bar to assign users to the team, then select Permissions.

 Select Permissions tab when creating a new team

In Permissions, choose permissions for each team role, then select Devices.

Devices tab in Teams

In Devices, choose to assign devices to the team.

Assign devices to the team

When you’re finished, select Save.

Click Save after finishing