Manage your profile

Learn how to manage your profile so you can change your name, update your password, choose a default team, and more.

Open your profile

First, select your profile name and picture. Then select Profile.

Select your profile and select Profile

Manage your profile

Change your profile picture

To change your profile picture, drag and drop an image into the pane, or select the pane and upload an image from your computer.

Drag and drop an image or select the pane to change your profile picture

Change your name

To change your name, select the Username field and enter a name that’s easy for others to identify. Your name will be displayed in your sessions, apps, and teams.

A closeup to Change your name box

Change your password

To change your password, select the Password field and enter a password between 5 and 32 characters, containing at least one lowercase letter (a-z), one uppercase letter (A-Z), and one digit (0-9).

A closeup to a Change password box

If you forgot your password, reset it by selecting Forgot Password? on the login page.

Choose a default team

To choose a default team, select the dropdown and choose one of your teams. By default, your automation sessions will be automatically added to this team.

A closeup with Change Default Team box

Change your timezone

To change your timezone, select the dropdown and choose your current location.

A closeup to Change your timezone box

Change your session timeout

By default, sessions automatically close after 10 minutes of inactivity. To change the default session timeout, select the dropdown and choose a time between 5 and 30 minutes. You can also change your default session timeout during a manual session.

A closeup to Session Timeout box

If your manual session is unexpected interrupted, we’ll keep your session active for the length of your session timeout. Keep in mind: you’ll be charged testing minutes for public device sessions we keep active, since others may be waiting to use the device.