adb commands

These are the Android Debug Bridge (adb) commands you can run during a manual session, which includes installing apps, managing persmissions, analyzing performance, and more.

A manual session with the <code>adb</code> shell open.

Public devices

Since public devices are shared across all Kobiton users, only the following adb commands are supported:

  • dumpsys display

  • dumpsys battery

  • pm list packages -3

Private and local devices

You can run most adb commands on private and local devices—​as long as they don’t harm the device or alter systems in real-time.

These are the type of commands we don’t allow:

  • kobiton/i

  • logcat/i

  • monkey/i

  • top/i

  • com.domobile.applock/i

  • com.domobile.applockwatcher/i





  • com.manageengine.admp/i





  • monkey -p com.myAppPackage -v 10000 -s 100