Use the system latency report

Learn how to use the system latency report so you can view how long it takes the system to perform an action. For more information, see Metadata for the system latency report.

Open the report

In Kobiton, select Reports.

A context to Report feature selected

Select System Latency Report to open the report.

A context to System latency report in Predefined report

Filter the report

By connection or location

To filter the report by the type of network connection, select By connection.

A context to the report filtered by connection

To filter the report by the physical location of the session, select By location.

A context to the report filtered by location

By date range

To filter the report by a specific date range, choose any range up to 90 days. The report will be updated automatically.

A closeup to sort the report by date

Review a session

To review a specific session, select Details.

Display additional latency details

Search for the session using the search bar.

The details of System Latency Report with sorting out the sessions

Select the session ID to open the session overview and review the session.

Select session ID to open Session Overview