Scriptless best practices

Order of app installation

If apps need to be installed or uploaded in the session, make sure to install/upload the apps first before performing any other actions.


The following actions may impact Scriptless Automation performance

  • Clicking very quickly. For best results, please wait three seconds between two manual actions. This wait will ensure the screen has loaded completely when you make another “click” action.

  • Swiping on map

  • Clicking outside the pop-up to close it. Instead - use the Back button in the manual toolbar to close the pop-up

  • Tapping on text prediction above the virtual keyboard

  • Typing text into number input only

  • Typing string that has length more than limit when editing text

General Limitations

  • Avoid interacting too fast during manual execution as every action performed during manual execution will take a minor time for inventory capturing, especially when testing on Mobile Browser or Hybrid apps.

To ensure every action could be properly captured data, enable synchronous inventory capture during manual execution.
  • Avoid tapping on a blank space, e.g. to close a pop-up, to un-focus on a text box, etc. This tap could cause confusion for AI when finding elements and impact the accuracy of revisit execution.

  • Avoid tapping on the device’s virtual keyboard. The process of capturing elements within the virtual keyboard still needs further improvements.

  • Avoid going back to the Home screen when editing a text field.