Use the user history report

Learn how to use the user history report so you can review all events associated with a specific user in your organization.

Open the report

In Kobiton, select Org Management > Users.

Search for a user, then select their username.

Select User History to open the report and view all user events.

Filter the report

You can filter the report to review specific events. For more information, see Event types.

By type

To filter the report by an event type, select the dropdown and choose an event type.

By time

To filter the report by time, select Time, then choose a timeframe.

If you select Custom, you can choose select two dates to create a custom date range.

To filter the report using search, enter an application, session, or event type into the search bar.

Event types

The following event types are included in the user history report:

Event Type Event Description


User Login

The user logged in to the portal.

User Logout

The user logged out of the portal.

Removed User

The user removed another user.

Disabled User <user_name>

The user disabled another user.

User Created

The user logged in to the portal for the first time.

Device Retainment

Device Retained

The user retained a device after their session.

Device Released

The user ended a session which released their device.

Device Enablement

Device Registered

The user’s device connected to the portal.

Device Unregistered

The user’s device disconnected from the portal.

Device Restarted

The user restarted their device.

Application Installed

Application Installed

The user installed an application.

Application Launched

Application Launched

The user launched an application they previously installed.