Scriptless requirements

Learn about the requirements to convert a manual or automation session into Automated Test Case for Scriptless.

Supported actions

Only certain actions are supported for scriptless baseline sessions. Refer to the following table while running your tests:

Action Supported? Android iOS



Device soft keys

Virtual keyboard (ASCII characters)

✔ *

Only English is supported, excluding the emoji keyboard.

Physical keyboard

Home (toolbar)

Power (toolbar)

Recent app (toolbar)

Back (toolbar)

Long press

Double tap

Double press home

Pin to zoom

Take screenshot

Set timezone

Copy & paste (copy to clipboard)

Input sensitive data (password, passcode)

If an unsupported action is performed, the Scriptless Automation stops capturing, and subsequent steps after the unsupported action are not captured and executable in rerun/revisit or in the auto-generated scripts.

An unsupported action performed in a manual session

In the Session Explorer, the unsupported actions are highlighted in red:

An unsupported action displayed in Session Explorer

In the Automated Test Case, only test steps before the unsupported action are included:

An unsupported action displayed in Automated Test Case

Application requirements

The following requirements pertain to the application(s) installed and/or opened in the manual or automation session:

  • Must not contain dynamic content. Examples: news apps, games, etc.

  • Must not contain CAPTCHA verification flow.

  • Must enable .setWebContentDebuggingEnable for Android apps. If this configuration is disabled, Kobiton cannot access the HTML source of the application. Visit this link for more information.