Kobiton 4.9 release notes

December 16, 2023

New OS support

Kobiton 4.9 supports the following:

  • iOS/iPadOS 17.1.2

  • iOS/iPadOS 17.2

  • macOS Sonoma 14.1.2

For iOS/iPadOS 17.1.2 and 17.2, recent apps are not currently closed during the cleanup process.

Generate Appium Script with AI: C# - Nunit

You can now generate an Appium script in C# that is compatible with the Nunit testing framework. When you complete a Manual Session, select Export Appium Script on the Automated Test Case tab, then select C# - Nunit from the Testing Framework dropdown.

  • The Manual test session must qualify to be converted to an Automated test case for the Export Appium Script button to be enabled.

  • Only sessions on native application are supported. Support for Web and hybrid apps is coming soon.

  • With some export options, Appium script can be exported from Manual sessions and Revisit sessions with passed status. However, C# - Nunit option currently only supports exporting from Manual sessions.

Script-based automation: launch a work profile app on Android devices

A Work Profile can be set up on an Android device to separate work apps and data from personal apps and data. Work apps are marked with a briefcase icon to distinguish them from personal apps.

This release includes a new desired capability - kobiton:workApp - to launch a selected Android work app in an Appium automation session. The value of this capability should be set to the name of the app to launch. See the Javascript example below:

const desiredCaps = {
  sessionName:        'Automation test session - MDM Profile',
  sessionDescription: 'This is an example for Android app',
  deviceOrientation:  'portrait',
  captureScreenshots: true,
  deviceGroup:        'ORGANIZATION',
  deviceName:         'Pixel 6',
  platformName:       'Android',
  platformVersion:    '12',
  'kobiton:workApp':  'Contacts'
  • The Android device must have Work Profile enabled.

  • The work profile app must be installed on the device.

  • Only 1 work profile app can be launched in a session, and it must be the 1st app to launch.

Customer-hosted Cloud customers only: Ending support for deviceShare 4.7 and below

We updated the Kobiton signing service to improve its stability and scalability. With this change, deviceShare 4.7 and below are no longer supported. Customer-hosted Cloud customers on 4.7 or below using the Kobiton signing service should contact Kobiton Support to upgrade their Mac minis.

Minor improvements and bug fixes

This release includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements to improve your day-to-day testing.

  • Script-based test automation and Device Inspector items:

    • Fix an issue with the driver not getting android.widget.Toast.

    • Fixed an issue with setting the device language with the capabilities local and language.

    • Fixed an issue on iOS devices where webview content does not update in the Inspector when the screen changes.

    • Re-verified the behavior of the desired capability FailIfNoInternet on Kobiton devices.

    • Fixed an issue with startActivity() not working on Android devices.

    • Provide clear error messages when a device is not available for automation session.

      There are no devices that satisfy your filter criteria: [ Device Type = Galaxy S20* ; Operating System = Android 10.0]
      To expand the available devices, you can try removing or modifying some of the desired capabilities
  • Scriptless automation:

    • Fixed an issue where users could not select a different app version until the second Scriptless test run. The app version must be uploaded to the Kobiton App Repository to be selectable in the test run screen.

  • Others:

    • Fixed an issue that prevented customer-hosted cloud devices from using camera injection with instrumentation.

    • Fixed an issue where member users could not see sessions in the Session List that they created without selecting a team. These sessions are now assigned to the member’s default team.