Set up a device for Apple Pay

Learn how to set up Confirm with AssistiveTouch feature on an iOS/iPadOS device to use Apple Pay.


  • Access to the physical device to double-click the side button during setup of AssistiveTouch. If the device is hosted by Kobiton, submit a support ticket to assist in the setup process.

  • A passcode set on the device. There are two options:

    • A passcode can be set and must be removed after the setup. If the passcode is not removed after the setup, the device will not be able to come back online without physically inputting the passcode to unlock it.

    • Setup Kobiton passcode support for the devices. For Private devices, discuss passcode requirements with your Customer Success Manager who will work with support to set up passcodes. For Local devices hosted at the customer location, submit a support ticket to request passcode setup documentation for your deployment type.

  • [Optional] Use a Cleanup Policy for the devices to be tested that does not reset the device settings to prevent AssistiveTouch from turning off for the next session. Otherwise, the tester will need to turn on AssistiveTouch for each session that it is needed:

The cleanup policy configuration pop-up with the option Device settings will be reset turned off

Set up AssistiveTouch confirmation

Unplug the device from the Cambrionix Hub.

Tap Settings.

The Settings app on the home screen

Check if the device has a passcode by navigating to Settings → Face ID & Passcode or Touch ID & Passcode. Only proceed if the device has a passcode.

Go back to the main Settings screen and tap Accessibility.

The Accessibility option in Settings

Under PHYSICAL AND MOTOR, tap Touch.

The Touch option in Accessibility under Physical and motor

Tap AssistiveTouch.

The Assistive touch option in Touch

Turn on AssistiveTouch.

The Assistive touch toggle turned on in Assistive touch

Scroll down the screen. Under SIDE BUTTON CONFIRMATION, turn on Confirm with AssistiveTouch.

The Confirm with Assistive touch toggle in off state

Tap Continue.

The Set up to use Asstive touch for double click pop-up with the Continue button

The screen message asks you to double-click the side button. While holding the physical device, double-click the physical side button on the device.

The prompt to double click the device side button

Input the passcode.

The passcode input screen

Double-click the physical side button on the device again to confirm.

The prompt to double click the device side button

Verify that Confirm with AssistiveTouch button is on.

The Confirm with Asstive touch toggle turned on

Plug the device into the Cambrionix Hub and make sure the device is online in the Kobiton portal.

Now you can follow the steps in Use Apple Pay in a Manual session.