About Role-Based Access Control

What is Role-Based Access Control?

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is an organizational structure and methodology that gives you more fine-tuned, granular control over your teams' work and what they can work with. With RBAC you can make custom rules for your organization that enable you to define which devices and/or actions your users have access to.

How it works in Kobiton

In Kobiton, RBAC consists of roles, users, and teams:


Roles are one or more user permissions grouped together, allowing to assign custom roles to users and teams and avoid assigning the same frequently-used permissions to every new user or team.


Users are assigned a role and a team, which impacts their user permissions across Kobiton.


Teams are a group of two or more users with shared team permissions, allowing you to assign and manage permissions to the whole group at once.