Upload an app using Azure DevOps

Learn how to upload an app to your app repository using Azure DevOps.

Before you start

You’ll need to complete the following:

Add the task to your YAML file

In your Azure DevOps project, select Pipelines.

select Pipelines in Azure DevOps

Select your pipeline.

Select your pipeline

Select Edit.

Select Edit on Azure

Move your cursor to the location where you’d like to add a new task. In the Tasks pane, search for and select Kobiton App Version Uploader.

Select Kobiton App Version Uploader

Use the following table to configure the task:

Parameter Required Environment Variable(s) Description

Kobiton API credentials



Your Kobiton API credentials.

File path



The path from your project root to your .apk or .ipa file.




Your app’s Kobiton App ID.

When you’re finished, select Add.

Select Add after filling in all required information

Verify the task has been added to the correct location in your YAML file, then select Save.

Verify the task is added to the correction location in YAML file and select Save

Choose to commit directly to your default branch or create a new branch, then select Save.

Choose to commit to default branch or a new branch then Save

Upload an app

In your Azure DevOps project, select Pipelines.

Select Pipelines on Azure

Select your release pipeline.

Select your pipeline on Azure

Select Run pipeline to upload an app to your app repository.

Select Run pipeline