Supported MIME types for network payload capture

These are the supported MIME types for configuring network payload capture for iOS and Android devices.

A closeup to MIME type


application/json // JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data


audio/aac // Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) audio
audio/mpeg // Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) audio
audio/webm // WebM audio
audio/wav // Waveform Audio File Format (WAV) audio


video/mpeg // Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) video
video/webm // WebM video


image/bmp // Bitmap image
image/gif // Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) image
image/jpeg // Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) image
image/png // Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image
image/svg+xml // Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) image
image/webp // WebP image
image/tiff // Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) image


font/otf // OpenType font
font/ttf // TrueType font
font/woff // Web Open Font Format (WOFF) font
font/woff2 // Web Open Font Format (WOFF2) font


model // 3D model


text/plain // Plain text
text/xml // Extensible Markup Language (XML)
text/css // Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
text/csv // Comma Separated Values (CSV)
text/html // HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
text/javascript // JavaScript language