Reinspect Appium elements

Learn how to reinspect Appium elements after your test session so you can download the session’s XML hierarchy, review specific attributes, get attribute values, and more.

Open the inspector

In Kobiton, select Sessions.

Select Sessions tab

Find a session, then select the session in the search result.

Search for a session ID

At the session details page, select the Explorer tab.

Select Explorer tab

Select Appium Inspector.

A context to Appium inspector in Session Explorer

Use the inspector

Generate the XML hierarchy

To generate the XML hierarchy using the selected test step, select Refresh Inventory.

A closeup to see Refresh Inventory

Refresh Inventory will reset all your active filters and searches.

Filter the XML hierarchy

By default, WebView is set to NATIVE_APP. To filter the XML hierarchy by a different WebView, select the dropdown and choose a different option.

A closeup to webview with default is NATIVE_APP

To filter the XML hierarchy by a label, xPath, or xPath attribute, enter your string into the search bar.

A closeup to search bar in the Appium Inspector

Inspect an element

To highlight an element in the XML hierarchy on the device screen, place your pointer over the element in the XML hierarchy.

A context to Inspect Element function in Appium Inspector

To highlight an element on the device screen in the XML hierarchy, select Inspect Element and place your pointer over the element on the device screen.

Select Inspect Element and hover over a visual element on device screen

Get an element’s XML attributes

To get an element’s XML attributes, select an element in the XML hierarchy, then select Show Attributes.

A context to Attributes of Appium Inspector

To copy a specific attribute to your clipboard, place your mouse of the attribute and select the Copy icon.

Hover over a specific attribute and to copy it to your clipboard

Download all XML data

To download the current XML hierarchy as an .xml file, select the Download Inventory icon.

A context to Download inventory of Appium Inspector