Manage sessions

Learn how to manage sessions so you can rename a session, change the session description, download logs, or create a Jira ticket. You can also leverage Session Explorer to review analytics or run validations.

Open a session

In Kobiton, select Sessions.

Select Sessions tab

Search for a session, then select the session ID to open the session overview.

Search for a session ID

From the Session Overview window, users can view below mentioned information.

A context to Session Overview

Manage the session

Rename the session

To rename the session, select the Edit icon beneath Session Name, then enter a new name. You can also change this during a test session.

Edit a session name

Change session description

To change the session description, select the Edit icon beneath Session Description, then enter a new description. You can also change this during a test session.

Edit a session description

Download session logs

To download device or crash logs as a .log file, select Device or Crash.

Logs section in Session Overview

Download last mile speed test logs

Last mile speed test log is only available for Cloud and Hybrid (Cloud Customer-hosted) deployments

To download the last mile speed test logs, select Last Mile Speed Result.

Last mile speed result section in Session Overview

Create a Jira ticket

If your Jira integration is enabled, select Jira Ticket to create a ticket that’s linked to this session.

The Jira ticket button in Session Overview