Start a mixed session

Learn how to start a mixed session so you can view your Appium script running on your device and fix issues in realtime.

Start the first session

First, choose to start a manual session by launching a device or an automation session by making a POST request.

A context of launching a device

Start the second session

After your first session starts, start a second session using the other testing method on the same device. If you started with a manual session, start an automation session. If you started with an automation session, start a manual session.

A context to start a second automation session after manual session

Join your mixed session

Once your first and second sessions are running simultaneously on the same device, you’re ready to join your mixed session. In Kobiton, open Sessions, look for the session marked Mixed, and launch the session.

A context to filter Mixed session in the Session

Now you can view your script running on the device and fix issues in realtime.