Metadata for the device availability report

The device availability report is a collection of predefined reports containing all outage entries for your private and local devices. For more information, see Use the device availability report.

A context to Device Availability report

Report types

The device availability report contains two report types: local devices and private devices.

Local devices

Local devices are devices hosted on your local network.

Local devices in the report

Private devices

Private devices are devices hosted on Kobiton Cloud and only accessible by your organization.

Private devices in the report

Report fields

Total registered devices

The all-time total number of registered devices.

Registered devices within date range

The total number of registered devices from the selected date range.

Average days available

The average number of days your devices were online and the percentage of your total devices.


The device’s Unique Device Identifier (UDID). Beneath each UDID is a list of all offline entries for the device.

Device type

The type of device. Beneath each device type is a list of all offline entries for the device, along with the specific network status: Offline, Offline (Unplugged), or No Network.

OS version

The device operating system version (OS version).

In-service dates

A date range representing the length of time a device was in service.

Days online

A ratio representing the total number of days a device has been online versus its total days in service.

Minutes offline

Total number of minutes a device was offline during a specific outage.