Add image injection SDK to your iOS app

Learn how to implement Kobiton’s custom SDK in your iOS application to enable Image Injection.


  • A project in Xcode 14.0 or later that targets iOS/iPadOS 14.0 or later devices.

  • The project uses supported camera methods.

  • Download the SDK. The downloaded file’s name should be

Integrate the SDK

Extract into the KobitonSdk.framework folder.

Open your Xcode project.

Drag and drop the KobitonSdk.framework folder into any location in your project folder.

In the popup, check the box Copy items if needed. Select the appropriate targets that you want to include the SDK in, then choose Finish.

The popup to choose options for adding files to project

In the project navigator, select the top project name, then go to the General tab of your project settings.

The General tab in project settings, with the Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content section visible

In the Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content section, make sure the SDK is listed.

The Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content section with the Kobiton SDK framework included

Select Embed & Sign for the SDK in the Embed dropdown menu.

The Embed and Sign option selected in the Embed dropdown

Build and Upload

Build and export your project as an .ipa file.

Upload the .ipa file to the app repository or to the cloud and install the app on a Kobiton device, then follow the guides to use image injection in a manual session or an automation session.