Review network payload data

Learn how to review network payload capture data after your test session so you can inspect payload data and response times.

Before you start

You’ll need to complete a manual session or an automation session with network payload capture enabled.

Launch Session Explorer

In Kobiton, select Sessions.

Select Sessions tab

Find a session, then select the session in the search result.

Search for a session ID

At the session details page, select the Explorer tab.

Select Explorer tab

Next, review payload data or response times.

Review payload data

In Session Explorer, select Observe Request / Response Payloads.

Select Observe Request/ Response Payloads

In the session timeline, select a purple marker to see the list of payloads sent and received during that time.

Capture payload indicator

The package name and size are listed in the Response row.

See the package name and size listed in the Response row

To see more details, select the Request or Response dropdown.

Select Request or Response dropdown to see more details

Review response times

In Session Explorer, select Analyze response times.

Select Analyze response time

In the graph, select a green or red marker.

Select red or green dots

To see that test step in the session timeline, select Jump to step.

Select Jump to step when clicking on a red dot