Prepare iOS device for hosting

Learn how to prepare iOS/iPadOS devices to be utilized with Kobiton.

Different models of devices and versions of iOS/iPadOS may have different layouts for settings and options. Refer to Apple’s official manual if you cannot find the options mentioned in this document.

Before you start

You’ll need the following:

  • A supported iOS/iPadOS device.

  • Any Mac machine with Xcode installed. You can also use the Mac mini host where deviceConnect is installed.

Factory reset the device (optional)

This step is highly recommended for devices that were hosted by Legacy Kobiton or Legacy Gigafox.
This action will remove all data on the device. Back up the device before proceeding.

Follow Apple’s official guide to erase all contents and settings for your device model.

Turn on developer mode and UI automation (required)

This step is required for Kobiton software to control the device.

Plug the device into the Mac machine with Xcode installed. Open Xcode on the Mac machine.

Tap Trust in Finder of the machine and on the Trust this computer alert on the iOS/iPadOS device.

Follow the specific steps for your device’s OS version.

  • iOS 16 and later

  • iOS 13 to 15

On the iOS/iPadOS device, under Settings, tap Privacy & Security.

Scroll down to the Security section, tap Developer Mode.

Turn on Developer Mode.

The Privacy and Security option under SettingsThe Developer Mode option under Security and PrivacyThe Developer Mode option switched on under the Developer Mode screen

A restart is required. After the device restarts, confirm again on the popup to turn on Developer Mode.

Open the Settings app, scroll down to the Developer option and tap it.

Turn on Enable UI Automation.

The Developer option under SettingsThe Enable UI Automation switched on under Developer

On the iOS/iPadOS device, under Settings, scroll down to the Developer option and tap it.

Turn on Enable UI Automation.

The Developer option under Settings in iOS below 16 deviceThe Enable UI Automation option swiched on under Developer settings for iOS below 16 device

Turn off auto update (optional)

A software update makes the device unavailable for use until the update is complete. Turning auto update off is recommended.

Open the Settings app. Tap GeneralSoftware UpdateAutomatic Updates.

Turn off Install iOS Updates.

The Software Update screen with the Automatic Updates optionThe Install iOS updates  switched off in the Automatic Updates screen

Go back to the Settings screen and tap App Store.

Under Automatic Downloads, turn off App Updates.

The App Store option in SettingsThe App Updates switched off in the App Store settings

Turn off passcode, if one is set (required)

Setting a passcode on a device prevents Kobiton software from controlling it.

To use passcode on the device, contact Kobiton support to enable passcode mode for your organization.

In the Settings app, select Face ID & Passcode or Touch ID & Passcode.

Enter the current passcode.

Tap Turn Passcode Off.

The Face ID and Passcode option under SettingsThe passcode input screenThe Face ID and passcode screen with the option Turn Passcode Off

Enter the current passcode again to turn off passcode.

Turn on web inspector in Safari (required by specific features)

This step is required if you want to use the Kobiton Inspector and/or web automation on the device.

Under the Settings app, tap Safari.

Scroll down to the Advanced option and tap it.

Turn on Web Inspector and Remote Automation.

The Safari option under SettingsThe Advanced option under Safari settingsWeb Inspector and Remote Automation switched on under Advanced Safari settings

Turn off automatic brightness and auto-lock (optional)

Turning off automatic brightness allows Kobiton software to keep the device screen brightness at the minimum, thus saving battery life.

Disabling auto-lock improves the experience of testers by not having to unlock the device after a certain amount of time.

Under the Settings app, tap Display & Brightness.

Turn off Automatic.

The Display and Brightness option under SettingsThe Automatic otpion switched off under under Display and Brightness settings

Tap Auto-Lock.

Select Never.

The Auto-Lock option under Display and Brightness settingsThe Never option selected under the Auto-Lock settings