Use the device availability report

Learn how to use the device availability report so you can view availability data for your devices. For more information, see Metadata for the device availability report.

Open the report

In Kobiton, select Reports.

A context to the Reports feature selected

Select Device Availability Report to open the report.

Device Availability report in Predefined report

Use the report

Get the latest data

To get the latest data for your report, select Refresh.

A date range in Device Availability report

Filter the report

By date

To filter the report to show outages within a specific date range, choose any range up to 90 days, then select Refresh. This range is applied to each report type and field.

A date range in Device Availability report

By device UDID

To filter the report by one or more device UDIDs, enter a UDID into the search bar, then check the UDIDs you’d like to use.

Filter devices by UDID

Add a note

To add a note for a specific outage, select the pencil icon.

Select the pencil icon

To exclude this outage from your SLA, check the box.

Check the exclude from SLA Calculation

When you’re finished, select Save.