Auto-generate an Appium script

Learn how to auto-generate an Appium script from a manual session so you can start building your test suite.

Before you start

Appium scripts are automatically generated after every successful manual session. Before you start, check if your session requires remediation.

Export your script

After your manual session, search for your session, open the session overview, and select Automated test case.

The automated test case for the selected session.

Next, select the Export Appium Script icon. If you don’t see an icon, check if your session requires remediation.

Session overview tabs, including Automated Test Case, Jira Integration, Rerun, and the Appium Export icon.

Choose a testing framework, then select Download.

The export Appium script diologue, allowing you to download the Appium script.

While the exact contents of your Appium script may vary depending on your testing framework, your script’s directory structure will resemble the following:

├── src
│   └── test
│       ├── <resources>
│       └── <test-suite>
│           ├── <app-config>
│           └── <other-files>
└── <testing-framework-config>
You can also use auto-generate Appium scripts for Scriptless sessions.