Use the session timeline

Learn how to use the session timeline so you can review and share specific test steps with your team.

Open the timeline

In Kobiton, select Sessions.

Select Sessions tab

Find a session, then select the session in the search result.

Search for a session ID

At the session details page, select the Explorer tab.

Select Explorer tab

Use the timeline

Scrub the timeline

To scrub the timeline and look for a test step or issue, use the slider to zoom in and out of the timeline.

A closeup to Zoom function on the timeline

Review a test step

To review a test step, select it in the session timeline.

View test steps on the timeline

To go to the next or previous step, select the Next or Previous icon, or use your keyboard’s arrow keys.

A closeup to Previous & Next button on the timeline

Get a test step ID

To get a test step ID, select the test step in the timeline, then select the Copy ID icon.

A closeup to copy command ID function on the timeline

To get a link to a test step, select the test step in the timeline, then select the Copy Link icon.

A closeup to copy link function on the timeline

Download a screenshot

To download a screenshot, select a test step in the timeline, then select the Download icon.

Download button to download screenshot of the selected step

View accessibility issues

To view an accessibility issue automatically flagged during your session, select a yellow marker in the timeline.

Yellow dots on the timeline showing Accessibility Validation

Then, select View Details.

After select View Details button

Learn more about accessibility validation.