Run scriptless with the Kobiton portal

Learn how to run scriptless automation using the Kobiton portal.

Before you start

You’ll need to complete the following:

Open scriptless automation

In Sessions, search for your baseline session, then select the session.

For more information, see Session metadata.

Select Automation Test Case.

Select Rerun.

Configure your scriptless session

Device Bundles

In the Rerun Configurations window, select Device Bundles.

Select the dropdown and choose a bundle.

If you’d like to remove any devices for this session, select the checkbox next to each device.

If you’d like to make more changes to this bundle, select Configure Bundle. For more information, see Manage device bundles.

Data driven testing

Data-driven testing allows you to define custom data sets and replace values from your baseline session. In the Rerun Configurations window, select Data Driven Testing.

To replace a value used for a specific test step, select the test step, then enter a new value.

Once a value has been modified, it will be marked as Edited.


In the Rerun Configurations window, select Settings.

In the Settings pane, select the dropdown, then decide how you’d like the AI to handle matching elements missing on the device screen.

Run scriptless automation

When you’re finished configuring your scriptless session, select Rerun.

You’ll be redirected to your test run where you can view live updates for your run.