Create a baseline session for scriptless automation

Learn how to create a baseline session for scriptless automation. After you create a baseline session, you can use the Kobiton portal or Kobiton API to rerun your test steps on the same device or on completely different devices--without writing any test scripts.

Choose a device

In Kobiton, select Devices.

Use views, categories, statuses, and more to search for a device.

Choose a device to launch a manual session

Start a session

Once you’ve found a device, select Launch to start a manual session.

A closeup to select Launch to start a manual session

Optional: install an app

If you plan on testing an app, first you’ll need to install it on your device. Select Install Apps to get stared.

You can upload a supported filetype from your computer, install an app from a URL, or choose an app from your app repository. If you plan on testing your in-app camera, be sure to enable Instrument application for camera injection before you install.

A close-up of the different app installation options during a manual session.

Enable synchronous inventory capture

To ensure each action is fully captured for your baseline session, enable synchronous inventory capture by selecting the Play icon.

Use supported actions

Only certain actions are supported for scriptless baseline sessions.Reference the following table while running your tests:

Action Supported? Android iOS



Device soft keys

Virtual keyboard (ASCII characters)

✔ *

Only English is supported, excluding the emoji keyboard.

Physical keyboard

Home (toolbar)

Power (toolbar)

Recent app (toolbar)

Back (toolbar)

Long press

Double tap

Double press home

Pin to zoom

Take screenshot

Set timezone

Copy & paste (copy to clipboard)

Exit your session

When you’re finished testing, select the X icon.

Select Exit Session.

Now you can use this session to run scriptless automation using the Kobiton portal or Kobiton API.