Search for a device

Learn how to search for a device so you can manage the device or use the device in a test session.

Device list

To view your list of devices, select Devices.

Select Devices tab in the Kobiton portal

Use views and filters to search for a device.


To change how the list is visually displayed, select Card View or List View.

A closeup to Views

Card view

Card view displays general information about each device in a compact card.

Select List view or Card view

To sort the view by device metadata, select the Sort by dropdown and choose OS Version, Device Name, Friendly Name, or Device Health.

Select the Sort by dropdown in the Card view to search a device

List view

List view displays detailed information about each device in a nine-column list.

Select List view

To sort the view by device metadata, select the up arrow or down arrow at the top of a column.

Select up and down arrows



To only display the devices assigned to one of your teams, select the Team dropdown and choose a team.

Select Teams dropdown and choose a team

To filter the list by one or more types of device metadata, enter metadata into the search bar.

Enter metadata into the Search bar

Custom columns

To change which device metadata is displayed in the list view, select Edit Column, then choose up to nine types of metadata.

Select List View and choose upto nine columns

Favorite devices

To only display your favorite devices, select Favorite.

Display Favorite devices

Favorite a device by selecting the vertical ellipses next to a device and then the star icon.

Select the star icon

Public devices

To only display public devices, select Public Devices.

click Public Devices

Private & local devices

To only display private & local devices, select Private & Local Devices.

Select Private & Local Devices tab

Operating system

To only display devices using a specific operating system (OS), choose iOS or Android.

Filter iOS or Android devices

To remove the filter, select the same OS again.

Device status

To only display specific device status, choose Online, Busy, or Offline.

Device statuses: Online, Busy, Offline


The device is available for a testing session.

Busy: Utilized

The device is currently in a test session.

Busy: Retained

The device is reserved by another user.

Offline: Connected

The device is offline, but physically connected to the hardware.

Offline: Unplugged

The device is offline and physically disconnected from the hardware.