Validate UI design

Learn how to validate your app or website’s UI design by finding and fixing inconsistencies between your original design and the end product.

Before you start

You’ll need to complete the following:

Open UI validation

In Kobiton, select Sessions.

Select Sessions tab

Find a session, then select the session in the search result.

Search for a session ID

At the session details page, select the Explorer tab.

Select Explorer tab

Select Compare to UI Design.

Select Compare to UI Design

Choose a file to compare

Use Figma

To use Figma for validating your UI design, select the dropdown and choose a project.

Use an image

To use an image for validating your UI design, select the Upload Images icon and choose an image to upload.

Change the project resolution

By default, the project resolution is set to All. To change the resolution, select the dropdown and choose a different option.

Search for a frame

To search for a specific frame, type its name into the search bar.

Compare UI design

To compare the UI design, choose an image, then select Go to comparison view. move

To move the frame, use the arrow buttons or enter a pair of X and Y coordinates.

Move the frame overlay or change its opacity and scale

To change the opacity and scale of the frame, use the sliders or enter a value.