Kobiton 2.12 release notes (Legacy)

August 19, 2019

New Features

  • Remove specific member from organization

All data of removed member will be wiped out including sessions, screenshots, etc. - Only admin role can remove members
  • Remove group from organization

All members within will be unassigned from group - Only admin role can remove groups


  • Support the manual test for iOS 13 Beta

  • Support the automation test for Android on Chrome 75

  • Support W3C protocol for Java-client 6.1.0 & 7.0.0 on Appium 1.13.0

  • Now trial customers can see all devices that could be accessed when purchase business plan

  • Enhance the process of uploading apps via API, now you can upload a “child app” under existing app package here.

  • Improve some UX on the Portal (open new tab when launching device/session detail, flexible left sidebar, etc.)

  • Bug fixes