Configure iOS VoiceOver

Learn how to configure iOS VoiceOver so you can run iOS VoiceOver commands to test your app’s screen reader compatibility during your test session.

Before you start

You’ll need the following:

  • A local Kobiton server (Cloud or Standalone) installed with a Kobiton GEM or Orion Audio Board Card.

  • An iOS device running iOS 12.0 or later.

Due to Apple’s policies, this feature is only available for local Kobiton servers with macOS Big Sur 11.5 or earlier.

Configure VoiceOver

On the local Kobiton server, open System Preferences, and turn on Bluetooth. Take note of the name under This Mac is discoverable as…​

Open System Preferences and select Bluetooth

Connect your iOS device to the local Kobiton server. Then on the iOS device, open Settings and select Bluetooth.

Open Settings and select Bluetooth

Turn on Bluetooth, then select the local Kobiton server’s name under Devices.

Enable Bluetooth and select the Mac mini host

On the local server, accept the paring request.

Accept pairing request

Back on the iOS device, go back to Settings, select Accessibility, then turn on VoiceOver.

Go to Settings and select Accessibility, then turn on Voiceover

Select Audio and turn on Send to HDMI.

Select Audio and turn on Send to HDMI

You will not use an HDMI connection during testing, however this setting is still required for full VoiceOver functionality.

Now you can run iOS VoiceOver commands during a manual test session.