Kobiton 1.4 release notes (Legacy)

October 09, 2017


More Devices

Manual Test

  • Improve gestures: scroll and zoom with mouse or trackpad

  • Support changing device timezone for iOS

  • Support iOS 11

  • Support Android 8

Automation Test

  • Support Appium 1.7.1

  • Support iOS 11

  • Support Android 8

Other Improvements

  • Add statistics for sessions

  • Terminate a running session

  • Exit a manual session after long idle time

  • Require email verification for creating new account

Customers update

Upgrade notes for customers plugging in their own devices

If you’re plugging iOS devices, this step is required to be performed in all Mac machines having iOS devices.

  • Install libimobiledevice tool

    • brew install --HEAD libimobiledevice

Known Limitations

  • Android 8.0 doesn’t support changing timezone yet

  • Changing timezone on iOS device may take up to 30 seconds