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Release v2.3 - July 30, 2018

Automation Test Enhancements

On Android, if the automationName attribute is empty, Kobiton will set a default value for it as below:

  • Android version < 5: automationName = Appium

  • Android version >= 5: automationName = UiAutomator2


  • Kobiton now supports Stream API to fetch device system metrics: CPU, Memory (RAM), WIFI (ingoing / outgoing) of a running session on both iOS and Android.

Device Cleanup

  • Kobiton now offers users who use Device Lab Management to host / manage their own devices, a flexible method to control a cleanup process. Kobiton’s users are able to include / exclude the Cleanup Activities (refer to the list below) after exiting a manual / automation session:

    • Remove apps installed within a session
    • Remove browser’s cache and browsing history
    • Reset device settings (turn on WIFI, USB Debugging, turn off Airplane Mode…)
    • Remove signed-in accounts (Gmail, Facebook...)

Other Enhancements

  • Stop supporting Indie registration. All the existing Indie subscriptions still work normally.

  • Support manual / automation test for iOS 11.4.1




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