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Release v2.1 - May 7, 2018

Automation Test Enhancements

  • Fix:

    • App isn’t installed on some versions of Appium Ruby client (

    • When test suite runs in parallel, it doesn’t stop immediately if the desired devices are unavailable

    • The timeout duration per test command fails intermittently

  • Always use Chrome v62 on Android devices to solve compatibility issues in Chrome browser and Appium

  • Support UiAutomator2 test engine on Android device

  • Support exact and similar device model matching. Support special character asterisk (*) to generalize the capability value on:
    • deviceName
    • platformVersion

Other enhancements

  • Display device UDID of Kobiton cloud devices on Session Detail and Device List screens
  • Add sample test script for Kobiton on PHP, Ruby, C# and Python
  • Re-structure Kobiton Documentation site (
  • Many bugs fixing on Kobiton Desktop App, Portal and REST API




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