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Release v2.0.5 - Mar 26, 2018


Automation test

  • Capture and download network activity log (HAR file) of browser on iOS and Android devices for analyzing performance bottlenecks and security issues

Other improvements

  • Support Appium 1.7.2 with Chrome browser version from 60 to 62

  • Support iOS 11.3 beta for both manual and automation testing

Known issues/limitations:

On Automation testing, Kobiton always overrides automationName in desiredCaps with:

  • Appium for Android device
  • XCUITest for iOS device

REST API breaking changes

  • Remove commands field on the response of GET /sessions/:sessionId. See the updated endpoint at API docs > Get a session

  • Add new endpoint GET /sessions/:sessionId/commands for retrieving list of session commands. See the new created endpoint at API Docs > Get session commands




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