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User and device relation

The group drop-down in the navigation bar allows you to switch between groups that you have been assigned to. The device list will be automatically updated based on the value in the drop-down


As an admin, apart from seeing all groups in the drop-down, you can select the Organization values in the drop-list to show all devices within the organization.

  • When an admin selects the organization value in the group drop-down

    image-17.png The list of devices will include: all hosted devices of other users and the Kobiton cloud devices within the organization

  • When admin an selects the group values in the group drop-down

    image-18.png The list of devices will include: All devices assigned to groups and your own hosted devices (if any)


As a user, you can only see your assigned group in the drop-down. The list of devices will be based on your selected group. (same view as admin in a group)




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