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Organization management lets you control device and session access at the user or group level for fine-grained control to support the needs of even the most complex organization.

  1. Main features

    • Creating multiple groups
    • Assigning multiple users to groups
    • Assigning devices (Kobiton device & Organization device) to groups
    • Implementing the access authorization for the device and session depending on the user's role
  2. Basic rules


    If you create an organization (Owner), you then become the admin of that organization by default. (Other admins cannot change the role of the Owner)


    • Can see and run all devices in an organization, including Kobiton public devices, his/her own hosted devices (if any) and hosted devices from other users

    • Can see all sessions generated from other users and any groups in the organization

    A user in no group:

    • Can’t see or run organization devices, except those devices hosted by the user and his/her own sessions (if any)

    A user in a group:

    • Can see and run devices which are assigned to the group by admin and his/her own hosted devices (if any)

    • Can see sessions in the group and his/her own hosted sessions (if any)


    • A hosted device (not Kobiton cloud device) is a device plugged into the Kobiton desktop app (refer here)

    • A user always see hosted devices




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