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Default groups setting

Default Group is used store all generated automation sessions when you don’t specify the groupID in the automation sessions' desired capabilities.

Step 1: Select your account name and then click on Profile tab of Kobiton Portal and scroll down to Default Groups.


Step 2: Select your preferred group as your default group

No. Description
1 - As an admin, the drop-down will include the list of all groups in the organization

- As a user, the drop-down will include the list of assigned groups

Note: In case there are no groups created or assigned, the drop-down list will be blank
2 Showing the groupID based on the value in the drop-down list
3 Update the used default group for the automation testing
4 Click to find out what Default Groups is



Kobiton automatically set your first created/assigned group as default group (you can change it to your preferred group later).

In some cases, you will need to select your default group again:

  • You were unassigned from group A by admin and your current default group is also group A.

  • You were downgraded from admin to user, leading to the impact on your default group.



In case you specify your default group again, all generated automation session with no defined groupID will be visible only for you.




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