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Network activity log

What is network activity log (HAR file)

HTTP Archive format or HAR helps to capture logs of a web browser’s interaction with a site. HAR files support to identify key performance issues by using a web page as well as development efforts of areas that drive higher ROI. HAR files address the following issues:

  • Performance issue: loading time and requests causing any delay in showing web browser content, or timeout while executing activity tasks.

  • Page rendering: incorrect page format, missing information or status code could be one of the main causes of the issue.

How to capture network activity log (HAR file)


  • This function is available for Android devices on the 1/22/2018 release.
  • Only capture network activity in browser not in native application.
  • In one session, user can record multiple network activities for different web addresses.
  1. User clicks on Record network activity icon

    Start recording

  2. System starts capturing network activity

    Recording network activity

  3. User opens a web address (here is for capturing network activity on the browser

    Enter web address

  4. Once done, clicks on the Network activity icon (HTTP red icon) to stop the recording

How to download and view network activity log (HAR file)

  1. Go to the Session detail to download the Network activity log (HAR file)

    Download HAR file

  2. Use the HTTP Archive Viewer to view and inspect HAR log files generated by browser's.

    Download and isntall HAR viewer tool




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