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Bypassing the passcode on iOS devices

During Manual Test sessions, if your iOS devices or applications require a passcode for security or any specific testing purpose, Kobiton will help you to automatically bypass the passcode (number only) and continue your test execution by following these steps:

Setup on supervised iOS local devices


  • On the Mac machine: Download the latest version of Apple Configurator. We are using Apple Configurator version 2.11.1 (3K81) in this guide. Click here to download.

  • On the iOS devices: Remove iCloud account and Restriction mode if existing.

Step 1: Install cfgutil tools

  • Open the Apple Configurator 2 application
  • Click on Apple Configurator 2 title on the left top corner of the desktop screen
  • Select Install Automation Tools…


  • The popup “Install Automation Tools” is displayed, click on “Install” button


  • Enter “User Name” and “Password” (user login account) and click “Add Helper” button.


Step 2: Import an Organization

  • Firstly, you need to create an Organization with Apple Configurator 2. Please access here to set up your Organization (Supervision Identity) with the Apple official guideline.

  • Click on Apple Configurator 2 title on left top corner

  • Select “Preference”

  • Go to “Organizations” tab


  • Click on “Settings” button

  • Select “Import Organization...”


  • Select your Organization file and enter the password (if any)

Step 3: Export Supervision Identity

  • Click on Apple Configurator 2 title on left top corner
  • Select “Preference”
  • Select “Organizations” tab.
  • Select your Organization
  • Click on “Settings” button.
  • Select “Export Supervision Identity...”


  • Select Format Unencrypted DER (.crt and .der, for Automator and cfgutil)
  • Name as: “Organization.der”


  • Click on “Save” button
  • Then, the “Export for cfgutil” popup is displayed
  • Click on “Export” button

Step 4: Activate Supervised Mode for iOS

  • Attach your iOS device to the computer using the USB cable
  • In the “Unsupervised” view, right click on the iOS device
  • Select “Prepare”


  • Select Prepare with “Manual Configuration”
  • Check “Supervise devices” & “Allow devices to pair with other computers”


  • Click “Next” button
  • Select Server “Do not enroll in MDM”


  • Click “Next” button
  • Select your organization


  • Click “Next” button
  • Select Setup Assistant “Don’t show any of these steps”


  • Click “Prepare” button
  • If the confirm popup is displayed, click on “Erase” button


  • Wait for “Preparing” the device progress


  • fter the preparing finish, please setup the iOS device as new iPhone and sign in with Apple ID account to set up
  • Now the device is moved to “Supervised” tab


Step 5: Prepare data for “Unlock token"

  • Copy 2 files Organization .crt & Organization.der that generated on the step 3 to this folder: ~/Library/Application Support/Kobiton/
  • Plug the device to the Kobiton desktop
  • Access the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Kobiton/devices/{udid}* with *{udid} is the UDID of this device, then


  • Create a new TextEdit Document file with following structure and filename is data: (Replace “0000” with the passcode that you prefer)

    type”: “pin,
    “key”: 0000
  • Unplug & plug device into the USB port again

  • Register the device and start your testing


  • If the Kobiton desktop cannot detect the iOS device, turn the screen on (and enter the passcode the first time), then click Trust button on the device screen.

  • Sometimes the desktop could not recognize the device, we should close/re-open the desktop app again to trigger the device startup process.

Setup on supervised iOS cloud devices

For Kobiton cloud devices, please contact us via for the configuration, we will help you to setup and generate the token.




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