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Bypass the passcode on Android devices guidelines

Devices or applications that are encountered the passcode for security or any specific testing purpose, Kobiton will help you to automatically bypass the passcode (number only) and continue your test execution by following these steps:

Setup on Android version from 4.4.2 to 7.x

Step 1:  Generate data for Kobiton desktop app

  • Plug device to Kobiton desktop
  • Go to this folder: ~/Library/Application Support/Kobiton/devices
  • Go to the folder with the device’s UDID as a name
  • Create a new TextEdit Document file with following structure and filename is “data” and replace “0000” with the passcode you want to set for the device (4-10 numbers):

    “type”: “pin”,
    “key”: “0000”

Step 2:  Set the passcode on your Android device(s)

  • On the Android device, access the screenlock and type as PIN with the key above.

Step 3: Unplug & plug to register the device again and start your testing

Setup on Android version from 8.x to 10

Just do Step 1 and Step 3 as above and enjoy your testing




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