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Right now, there are some constraints for the ITA's usage that might require you to avoid to ensure the process of ITA. We known these will make you feel inconvenient and not have a good testing experience, but our team is working hard to free-up these limitations ASAP for providing a better ITA for you.

  • Never use these actions:

    • Double click
    • Double Home
    • Pinch Zoom
    • Type on Virtual keyboard
    • Press Home Button
    • Open Recent Apps
    • Take screenshoot
    • Set device time zone
    • Set device location
  • Some corner cases that might impact ITA performance:

    • Click very fast (Please take a waiting time about 3 seconds between 2 manual actions -> this will ensure the screen has loaded completely when you make another “click” action)
    • Swipe on map
    • Click outside the pop-up to close it (please use "Back" button in the manual toolbar to close the pop-up)
    • Tap on text prediction on above the virtual keyboard
    • Type text into number input only
    • Type string that has length more than limit edit text
  • On iOs devices, there are some extra limitations:

    • Swipe (work unstablely for now)
    • Copy & Paste (copy to clipboard)
    • Enter & Delete (physical keyboard)




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