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Device Bundles


Have you ever wished that you could create your favorite bundles with any combination among any different device models or any mixture between your private devices and our cloud devices? We just released a feature "Manage Device Bundle" that allows you to freely customize your own bundle.

Getting Started

There are two ways that allows users to customize your preferable bundles:

  • Device Bundles section on Test Execution Plan
  • Org Management section


Only Admin can customize a device bundle

  • Device Bundles section on Test Execution Plan

    1 . Navigate to the Test Execution Plan of a specific manual session

    2 . Click on the "Manage Device Bundle" button


  • Org Management section

If you desire to go directly to Custom Device Bundles site, you can choose the Org Management tab and click on the Device Bundles session as shown in the image below.


Create New Bundle

Step 1: Select Mobile Operating Systems by switching the toggle between iOS and Android

Step 2: Click on New Bundle button to navigate to new bundle site


Step 3: Create new bundle

  • Firstly, let's input your bundle name for searching conveniently when you use this (3).

  • Optionally, you can clone a new bundle including all devices the same as the selected bundle by selecting an icon "Device Reference" (4). At “apply” column, you can select/deselect any devices that you want.

  • As soon as you click on the Save Bundle button, your bundle will be created and displayed on the bundle list site.


Edit A Bundle

Step 1: If you want to edit any existing bundles, you can click on the icon shown in the below image to navigate to the edit bundle site.


Kobiton default bundles cannot be edited or removed by users.


Step 2: When navigating to the bundle site, you can edit your bundle name, select/deselect devices in the bundle, etc. After completing your adjustment, choose Save Bundle for applying this change to the selected bundle or choose Reset Bundle to discard all changes and set the devices in the bundle back to the last saved.

Remove A Bundle

Step 1: If you want to remove any existing bundles out of the list, you can click on the "Remove" icon


Kobiton default bundles cannot be removed


Step 2: As soon as you click on remove icon, a system popup will be displayed for confirming your request. Once you remove any bundles, this cannot be reverted.





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