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Data-Driven-Testing:Date Picker


  • Execute a manual session that contains a calendar component
  • A Test case must include the selection of date
  • Scriptless Automation must be triggered at least one time on a specific manual session. After that, you can approach the DDT on date value in the Data-Driven-Testing section. Since Scriptless Automation need to analyze & define a date picker component carefully to ensure the testing experience on this feature.


Right now, this feature only works on Android application. Stay tuned! We will provide this ability on iOS on our next release.

How to have a data-driven test with a date picker?

Step 1: Unlike the DDT on text, you cannot create or define a new date value until one of the revisit executions changes the status of “Revisiting”. In an image below, Scriptless Automation captures a selected date in the manual session of 09.26.2020.


  • Whenever you create a new dataset, the value in the manual session will be set as the default date.


Step 2: To define your new value, please choose a calendar icon and select your preferable date. As soon as you choose a different value from manual session, a label “Edited” will be displayed.


Step 3: When you finish defining a new date value, click the “Rerun Scriptless Automation” button and wait for a while to see the result. All of your datasets will be applied automatically while revisit executions are running.




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