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Setup automation test script

As mentioned in Prerequisite, in order to execute automation test scripts using Azure Devops Kobiton Extension, we need to prepare a Git repository contains your Automation test scripts. Additionally, we should make some small adjustments to your test script. Setting up environment variables to consumed device and app input from Kobiton Extension to your script.

  • Kobiton API credentials

    For automation test script, please set your Kobiton Username and API Key in your automation test setting code like below:

        String kobitonServerUrl = "https://" + System.getenv("KOBITON_USERNAME") + ":" + System.getenv("KOBITON_API_KEY") + "";

  • Kobiton Devices

    If you are using Kobiton Cloud for testing, please set device-replated values in desiredCaps like below:

        capabilities.setCapability("deviceGroup", "KOBITON");
        capabilities.setCapability("deviceName", System.getenv("KOBITON_DEVICE_NAME"));
        capabilities.setCapability("platformName", System.getenv("KOBITON_DEVICE_PLATFORM_NAME"));
    While using Kobiton Cloud Devices, make sure to set the deviceGroup field in your desiredCaps to "KOBITON."

  • Aplication

    Set the app field in your desiredCaps with the following environment variables:

        capabilities.setCapability("app", (System.getenv("KOBITON_SESSION_APPLICATION")

  • You can also hard-code the default values for these paramaters to avoid failing the test case.

Environment Description
KOBITON_USERNAME The Kobiton Username you set in Azure Service conneciton
KOBITON_API_KEY The Kobiton API Key you set in Azure Service connection
KOBITON_DEVICE_NAME Value of the device name in Kobiton Extension Task
KOBITON_SESSION_PLATFORM_VERSION Value of the device platform in Kobiton Extension Task
KOBITON_DEVICE_PLATFORM_NAME Value of the device platform in Kobiton Extension Task (Android/IOS)
KOBITON_SESSION_APPLICATION Value of the app in Kobiton Extension Task

We have a sample project which using above enviroment value. You can see here.

Once you have your Git repository configure, let's move to the next step.




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